Athos Wearable Technology

'Building better athletes'

“The human body is built unlike any other machine. It has the ability to get better, stronger, more finely tuned.

“Introducing Athos; smart training apparel built for the human machine.

“Athos allows you to look inside your muscles, so you can understand with total clarity, how the function within shapes the form without.

“Athos analyses your muscle effort in real time, allowing you to improve your exercise form, see exactly what muscles are firing and how hard, and know for a fact that you got the most out of your workout.

“It’s an unprecedented level of insight into how your body is performing. The goal; change the way you train so you can improve with every rep, every set, every workout.

“Athos, building a better human machine.”


Athos training gear is based on expensive medical tech but designed for fitness enthusiasts. Its training clothes range are fitted with micro-EMG sensors that detect which muscles are being used during workouts, and how to focus on certain muscle training. The sensors are capable of detecting muscle activity, heart rate, and breathing rate, and transfers workout data to its companion app via Bluetooth.

The training gear contains ‘seamlessly integrated, non-adhesive bio-signal sensors’, and is designed with versatile compression material to ensure the fabric comfortably contours to your body shape; the gear is also constructed for versatility to survive your most demanding workouts.

If you are a regular at the gym, the Athos training body kit (upper body and lower body) could well be your answer to a personal trainer. All data is tracked and produced through analytics and insights on the app to help you exercise in the correct way and avoid injury. These insights also allow you to track progress and set benchmarks, helping you get the most out of your training.

The Athos gear is a massive step forward in health technology and self- quantification, as it monitors a comprehensive set of biometric data to give you unparalleled insights into your performance. This kind of technology is normally reserved for athletes, but Athos have completely changed the game by releasing it to fitness enthusiasts.


“Until now, the benefits of EMG technology have been exclusive to clinical settings and top performance institutes. Athos makes EMG accessible by seamlessly embedding it into the comfort of your workout gear.”


The sensors in the clothing are built in, and remain in contact with the skin thanks to the compression shirt material which contours to your body shape. The material is also breathable and ‘sweat-wicking’, keeping you as cool as possible during the workout; and it’s even machine washable. The companion app is also easy to use and produces some very interesting analytics post workout. If you are looking for the most in-depth smart training gear and have the money to pay for it, Athos is certainly the way to go.

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