Dacadoo App review

Your Health and Lifestyle Navigator.

Dacadoo burst onto the scene in November 2011; it is an extremely popular app which aims to keep people motivated to be fit and healthy. 

'Live healthy and active with dacadoo. We measure your health with the Health Score and engage you to actively manage your health in an easy and fun way.'


The main features

Dacadoo measures your health with the ‘Health Score’ and engages you to actively manage your health and well-being in a fun and easy way. The Health Score is a scientifically calculated number from 1 (low) to 1,000 (high) and it is based three different variables; body, feelings, and lifestyle.

When used consistently for a large amount of time, it offers a good directional indicator of how your health is evolving. You can track exercise, nutrition, stress and sleep, as well as body data and mental well-being.

To help you remain active and engaged, Dacadoo applies motivation techniques from behavioural science and online games and provides personalized feedback.


What else can it do?

The app engages with you to encourage you to remain active and healthy.

When you have completed a task or goal, you will receive in-app rewards.

You can add friends, track their data and compare it to your own.

The app is supported by many other apps and devices, such as smart watches, heart rate bands and activity trackers.


The review

Dacadoo is a fantastic app for both fitness motivation and health management. The app is built to be easy to use, and with all the content which can be found inside, the creators have done a fantastic job. It is very easy to keep in touch with your general body health and it is extremely useful to keep updated on activities and fitness levels.

The fact that this app can connect to other devices such as smart watches and activity trackers makes it head and shoulders above the competition. One user reviewed the app, stating it ‘helped me get in shape and get my health back on track; it was a great motivator.’ Both the motivation and competition elements of the app makes managing health fun and entertaining.  

This app is a must-get if you’re someone who struggles to keep motivated when aiming to keep fit or lose weight.  

Find out more at https://www.dacadoo.com/.