'Heartbeat Analytics'

‘Insights are the key tool for learning more about you! We analyse the raw data and provide understandable actionable benefits regarding your training, stress, recovery and sleep. We highlight your healthy habits and tell how to improve your life! Discover how Firstbeat brings science and technology together for better performance and wellness.’


Fitness and Sports

Measuring fitness levels using ‘VO2max’ is performed with exhausting laboratory tests, and is usually only available for athletes. However, Firstbeat can estimate your fitness levels from just your heartbeat.

Firstbeat detects fitness levels from workouts based on the heart response and external workload produced by the body. Using the data from a workout, Firstbeat can provide information and advice on your workout routine and how to improve it.

This way of measuring fitness levels is accurate; 95% when compared to VO2max laboratory tests. Automatic filtering of good quality and reliable data means the data received from any fitness workout will always be extremely precise and accurate.

Fitness and Sports

    Credit: FirstBeat

Using the data from Firstbeat, you can check your overall fitness level, review how your fitness improves over time and compare your result against similar age and gender categories.


Training Effect

Firstbeat can tell you how effective your exercise regime actually is, and whether you are doing too little or over-doing it. Using the data from exercise regimes, FirstBeat provides you with information about the impact of aerobic exercise on your body.

Training Effect is calculated based on the intensity and the duration of the workout; Training Effect is then scaled according to each individual’s fitness level and training history. Training Effect accumulates during a workout, starting at 1 and potentially reaching 5 near the end of the workout.

The Training Effect is personalised for everyone; for example, if you don’t do much exercise, it will be easier to go up the levels compared to someone who regularly exercises and who needs to do more exercise to reach a higher level.

Training Effect

     Credit: FirstBeat

Energy Expenditure

Energy expenditure is the most accurate estimation of burned calories when calculated from heartbeat data. Firstbeat’s Energy Expenditure know the difference between fats and carbohydrates, and what your optimal heart rate for fat burn should be. This Energy Expenditure estimation is also personalised, and is based on physiological data; it will help you exercise correctly and burn calories more effectively.

Firstbeat’s Energy Expenditure algorithm is extremely accurate at measuring all phases of exercise. The algorithm utilises measurement history, so the more you work out, the better the accuracy and reliability of the measurements personalised to your fitness level.

Energy expenditure

 Credit: Firstbeat

Recovery Advisor

With Recovery Advisor, your physiological state is kept track of, and you are notified when your body is ready for the next intensive workout. Post-workout, it will show the time your body needs to recover before the next workout, so that you can spend enough time resting and recovering.

Recovery Advisor measures your daily response to exercise and the intensity, volume and frequency of your training and activity to gauge estimated recovery time after the workout. It also tracks daily performance and indicates whether your body is able to respond in a positive way to particular training regimes.


Firstbeat is a user-friendly, fully- personalised portal for Heartbeat Analytics; it transforms heartbeat data into personalised insights on exercise, sleep and stress.

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