Google Fit

The perfect platform for all your fitness data?

Fitness tracking has almost become a second nature to many people; whether it be counting steps, measuring heart rate or calculating sleeping patterns, people have fallen in love with quantified-self. Apple and Samsung both have platforms dedicated to measuring and displaying individual’s health and fitness data, and Google have also joined the love-in with Google Fit.


What is Google Fit?

Google have often explored the health and fitness market with new innovative technology, but with Google Fit, they have developed a truly ground-breaking health app. Fundamentally, Google fit provides a platform from which you can track your health and fitness data, as well as allowing you to link it with external ehealth technology including MyFitnessPal, Nike+ Running and Android Wear.

Effectively, Google Fit is Google’s answer to Apple’s Health app. Using the inbuilt sensors on your device, the app has the ability to automatically track activities such as walking, running and cycling, as well as tracking your fitness goals and weight loss progress and allowing you to compare it to previous weeks.

The brilliant thing is that, after signing up and manually entering your weight, height and activity goal, that’s it; you’re done. Everything is tracked automatically by the app and the only thing you have to do is track the data whenever you feel like an update on your health.


The features

  • Tracks steps, calories burned, the length of exercise and distance travelled.
  • Automatically detects walking, running and cycling when the app is running in the background of your device.
  • Over one hundred different activities to choose from, such as Aerobics and Swimming.
  • Monitor from anywhere; any Android device or wearable, PC and Tablet.
  • Set custom goals, including the number of steps taken or amount of activity per week.
  • Monitor progress in real time using the web app, which displays graphs and data from previous days, weeks and months.
  • Connects with external apps to aid with data tracking.


The review

Even though Google Fit’s sole purpose is to be a reliable health and fitness tracker, the real value from this app comes from its useful compatibility with existing Android health and fitness trackers. Google Fit centralises all personal data from across every health app you use into one platform, to create what is effectively a health data hub.

To take full advantage of Google Fit, you should be a user of an existing health and fitness tracker or app, as using your smartphone's own sensors isn’t reliably accurate, and there are some features Google Fit doesn’t cover, including sleeping patterns or heart rate.

What is clear, though, is that Google Fit is the perfect platform to display all of your fitness data in one place, without having to switch apps to view your overall progress.

Read more about Google Fit on their website