'Treat your head right'

‘People have been meditating for thousands of years. While the practice isn’t new, science is just catching up to its benefits. The techniques used within the Headspace app have been refined and developed over many centuries, passed down from teacher to student. The intention of these techniques is to cultivate awareness and compassion so that we might better understand the mind, as well as our relationship with the world around us. With this as our focus, we view any kind of health benefit beyond the development of awareness and compassion as a helpful by-product or positive side-effect of regular meditation.’


Headspace is your very own personal trainer; your gym membership for the mind. Effectively, Headspace is a meditation app that allows you to really ‘find yourself’. With a library full of audio meditation programmes, you can listen to Headspace through the mobile app on the go, or through the web app.

While there are hundreds of meditation apps on the marketplace; all of which aim to improve mindfulness and relaxation; the quality of lessons on Headspace and the sheer quantity of what there is to learn puts this particular app way ahead of the others.

Headspace has a set of ‘lessons’ for different situations;

  • Sport; competition, focus, motivation and training.
  • Health; cancer, depression, self-esteem, stress, anxiety, sleep and pregnancy.
  • Relationships; patience, kindness, generosity, change, appreciation and acceptance.
  • Performance; creativity, focus, happiness and balance.


The only downside to Headspace is, after you have finished ‘Take10’, the free ten day trial, there is a subscription cost that needs to be considered. Subsequently, much like a gym membership, you should only really consider getting on board if you would use it frequently. Depending on the subscription choice, you could purchase yearlong access to the Headspace collection for £4.99 a month. When you consider just one hour with a relaxation professional or therapist would cost considerably more, for those who need this kind of help in their daily lives it isn’t a bad price.

What really makes Headspace stand out from other meditation apps is what it could bring to the battle against mental health. With motivational relaxation talks about cancer, depression and anxiety, Headspace really helps to put things in perspective, clear your mind and put a brighter, happier spin on things. This kind of research based meditation app is proven to improve user’s mental health and way of life; so is it time for the NHS to properly commit and invest in this kind of health technology?