Health Apps - the key features

Turning an innovative idea into a successful app

You have a ground-breaking idea for a health app, and you want to turn something abstract into the app of your dreams. Maybe it’s a fitness app, or an app to track user’s vital signs, or even an app to record diet and workout regimes. No matter what type of health app you are looking to develop, it will have important key features that will allow it to become a real success story and ensure it stands out from the crowd.

In a previous edition of the ‘the ehealth blog’, our implementation of Agile methodology into software development was covered. In every project, we use this iterative management process to ensure we work alongside the client and develop an innovative, practical app with a smooth user interface. With Agile, we allow ourselves to focus on specific features rather than the app as a whole, which is a downside of implementing the waterfall methodology that many other software development companies follow. 

So what features should you expect to be focused on throughout the Agile process?

Having a smooth user interface is probably the most important part of developing a successful health app. Simplicity is key; with an efficient user interface, users will have no reason to switch over to a competitor's app, especially if they enjoy the content. An efficiently performing app should also load quickly, and shouldn’t keep the user waiting. Whatever the functionality, the simpler it is delivered, the better for the user.

Developing your health app on both Android and iOS isn’t essential, but for it to be a complete success, both should be incorporated. They are both extremely popular and are used worldwide, so if you are looking to increase the number of people using your app, developing on both operating systems should be considered.  

One of the most important features from the user’s point of view is data protection and overall security. This feature can become an issue and ultimately play a part in the downfall of a health app, so we work with our clients to ensure that in-app security is watertight. Data plays a huge part in many health apps, so it is vital that users can trust the app they are recording their health or fitness data on.

To develop and maintain a long-standing, successful health app, support and updates must be introduced after release. Maintaining the server and ensuring that the app’s content is up-to-date and relevant is essential for sustained success on the market. Besides updates in text, images and other content, updates for the app itself, such as bug fixes and new features, are extremely important in upholding a successful health app.


All of the above features are important in developing a smooth, effective health app that can consistently perform on the mhealth market. Implementing Agile development as a management process specifically allows us to focus on individual features like the above so that we can apply our software development expertise and achieve the best results.