How can fitness apps help you?

A look at the benefits of health and fitness apps.

Ever wanted to improve your fitness but don’t have the time or money to keep to a specific fitness regime at the gym? We all know that feeling.

Want to improve your strength but don’t have the motivation or patience to keep it going long term? We know that one too.

For most people sitting at their desk, keeping fit is a massive problem; many work long hours, with no time, motivation, or energy to hit the gym at the end of the day.

Well there’s good news. You don’t need to spend a fortune, and you certainly don’t need a large amount of time to make this work. All you need is a smart phone.

Fitness apps could be your new best friend.


Progress tracking

If you are serious about working on your fitness, you’ll have to track your progress, otherwise you’ll never know if you reach your goals and objectives. Whether it’s through measuring your steps taken, calories burned or heart rate throughout the week, there can be some huge benefits to going full-on Quantified Self. What better way to keep motivated than to know that you are getting fitter and healthier? With fitness apps, tracking your progress turns the dreaded progress check into something fun and engaging!

Many apps have the ability to show your progress through visualising features such as graphs, charts and other types of visual imagery. This type of visualisation makes all that data seem much clearer; you know exactly what you’re doing well at and what you can improve on. In this way, your own data can be more meaningful and more motivating.


Boosting motivation

Probably the most essential part of keeping fit and healthy is your motivation. Working out can be difficult if you go for it on your own; it can be easy to give up once motivation dies off. Fitness apps can combat this, as they can provide rewards and motivational messages to keep you on track to hit your long term objectives. On many fitness apps, you can share your progress with friends and family which can make you feel proud and satisfied about your results.


Saving time and money

No time to go to the gym? With an app, you can access your workout regime with a click of a button. No money to buy that exercise equipment? Your fitness app can show you other ways of working out without that expensive equipment. The good fitness apps give you that freedom to work out that you’ve been craving; they give you the opportunity to choose when and how you want to work out. The great fitness apps give you proper instructions on techniques to the most out of your workout, and back it up with individually-tailored goals, data and analytics to improve your experience that bit more.


There are so many reasons to start using fitness apps. They can be used whenever, wherever and however you want, and many give you insightful data to keep you going to ensure you hit those long term targets. They can save you a vast amount of time and money, and they will keep you motivated and inspired to not only get fit and healthy, but maintain those levels too.

The road to a healthy lifestyle can be a painstakingly difficult journey, but using fitness apps in your battle can give you a great head start.