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December 13th, 2016

A roundup of the most recent news stories from the health, technology and care sectors.

The Smartest Scales In The World 

Smartphones, smart watches and other wearable tech are already extremely popular in the world of health and care, and now it seems more innovative ideas are flooding the market, including smart bathroom scales. As it happens, your scales could be telling you a lot more about your body, your health and your general wellbeing than you may have first thought. In fact, even the core data of how much you weigh isn’t as simple as you might think, and if you’re trying to lose weight and get fitter, basing your progress purely on your overall body weight might not be the way to go.

By connecting the companion app to the Body cardio equipment, this set of bathroom scales becomes a fully connected smart device; your data will be automatically sent to the cloud and synchronised with the companion app, allowing you to review your progress and evaluate how to improve.

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Can this app help tackle the burden of diabetes? 

GlycoLeap is a new, innovative app that combines data, AI technology, human interaction and psychology to beat diabetes. The digital program combines different health tools such as a fitness tracker and glucometer, and interactive coaching from dietitians to help people manage or reduce their risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

The app is yet another example of growing innovations in health care that makes use of mobile technology. More recently, organisations have began looking at the different ways they can use mobile tech to improve people's health as more people begin to rely on their phones for daily needs, such as managing their diary, shopping or tracking their diet and fitness. 

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One Drop is revolutionising diabetes care through an app 

The tech revolution in healthcare has so far focused on people who are already fairly healthy. FitBits, Apple Watches and other wearable devices are useful if you're trying to stay fit, but not if you're looking for something to get fit or to help manage a long-term condition.

OneDrop, a service that provides a monthly subscription of all the tools a person with diabetes needs to manage their condition, may help to change this. The equipment is paired with an app that tracks activity, diet and other factors that help manage diabetes.

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