Medical apps

A look into five of the best medical apps on the marketplace

MyChart (Epic Systems Corporation)

Description - MyChart allows users to access their medical records on their mobile device at any time. Users can see the last time they visited the doctors, what prescriptions they are currently taking and which vaccinations they have had. Messages can be sent to a user’s GP/doctor, visits to the health provider can be scheduled and prescription refills can also be requested.

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WebMD (WebMD Health Corporation)

Description – WebMD is an extremely popular health app that has information on almost every illness and condition. The app also allows users to set medication schedules, create personal health goals and search for local physicians and pharmacies, and also has first aid advice and instructions. Unlike many other medical apps, it doesn’t require an internet connection to work.

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Johns Hopkins ABX Guide (Unbound Medicine)

Description - This app allows you to search for information on medication and treatments regarding a plethora of illnesses. Searching for a drug will result in a list of recommended dosages, side effects, and restrictions on behaviour after taking it. The app also offers evidence-based information, giving users a better idea of whether a certain medicine/treatment is right for their particular lifestyle.

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Patient IO (Filament Labs)

Description - Patients receive health information related to their condition and treatment, educational content with images and videos and daily tasks set by their GP/doctor. Health information can be tracked and shared back to the healthcare provider for use within sessions, treatment specific reminders can be set and invitations can be sent to family or caregivers to ‘collaborate on care’. Only registered users can access Patient IO.

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Doctor on Demand (Doctor on Demand)

Description – Doctor on Demand does exactly what it says. This app lets you instantly connect with licensed professionals via mobile calls and video chats, giving you access to medical advice and prescriptions based on the user’s symptoms. Although this app costs for subscription, it is great for people who don’t have the time to book a doctor’s appointment but need advice on treatment.

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