Medtech in the West Midlands

Medtech has the potential to improve the productivity and efficiency of the healthcare system, however the development for this does not come quickly or cheaply, with such technologies needing proper R&D and investment before they can be applied in a care environment. Even when these technologies have been developed, adoption of medtech is slow and by the time they are considered for use, technology has advanced and improved again; this cycle has caused many problems for healthcare professionals and technology enablers alike.

Advances in medical technology offer great potential to the NHS, but they require many years of investment, research and development before they are ready to be released onto the market. With an increasingly ageing population in the UK, the pressure is on to find new, sustainable ways of dealing with care. Though we are beginning to establish a more patient-centric system; one that requires patients and individuals to take more responsibility for their own health, the NHS still needs increased investment and collaboration in medical technology.

The global market for ‘connected healthcare’, including medical technology, will reach £37bn by 2020 (PwC), with the UK having access to over £5bn of this. With this potential, it is important that leaders in the sector come together to collaborate and understand new opportunities; a great opportunity for collaboration and innovation in this sector in coming to the West Midlands at the end of April.


The Medtech Innovation Expo is the UK and Ireland’s leading medical technology event, and the only event that serves the whole of the UK and Irish medical sector which is valued at £27bn. The annual Medtech Expo will, this year, bring together stakeholders involved in the medical device innovation process to explore new ideas and understand emerging technologies as well as showcase over 130 companies from the medical device supply chain sector.

The Med-Tech Innovation Expo has established itself as the leading platform for the UK Med-Tech industry, connecting all stakeholders involved in the innovation process, from concept and design to manufacture.

Read more about the event on the Medtech Innovation Expo website.