Mental health

Four apps to improve mental wellbeing

October 10th marked World Mental health day, which recognises those with mental health issues and aims to give them long term support. For this event, we have highlighted four of the best Mental Health Apps on the marketplace.



Optimism is a mood-monitoring health app that is designed to help you increase your understanding of your mental health by acting as a springboard to detect patterns in your health, and develop strategies for managing depression, bipolar and other mental health conditions.

This particular app helps you learn potential triggers that affect mental health and the early warning signs of new triggers. It also highlights external problems that could potentially affect your mental health and how to avoid them, as well as documenting a wellness plan, including charts and graphs, that details strategies and appropriate steps for what to do when you feel down.

The charts and graphs implemented into Optimism can be invaluable when working with a health professional, as they provide a detailed history of mental health that can be quickly accessed. Optimism encompasses the idea of mental well-being, recovery and condition management perfectly; and can be used alongside existing care/treatment plans that you have.  

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PTSD coach

The PTSD coach mental health app can help you learn about and manage symptoms that often occur after trauma. This particular app features reliable information on PTSD and treatments that work, tools for screening and tracking your symptoms, and direct links for support when you need it the most. This app’s tools range from relaxation skills and positive thinking to anger management and other self-help strategies. PTSD coach can also be fully personalised, with the ability to integrate your own contacts, music, photos and more.

PTSD is a serious mental health condition that requires professional evaluation and treatment. If PTSD coach is used in conjunction with professional medical treatment, it can be extremely effective at helping you beat PTSD. If you are suffering from PTSD and need something to work alongside your professional treatment, or are someone that is dealing with a friend/family member with PTSD, this app is for you.

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Depression CBT

One of the most popular methods of managing depression and other mental health problems is Cognitive Behavioural therapy (CBT). The app Depression CBT puts this into practice by helping you monitor your moods with an assessment test that tracks the severity of your moods and provides several tips and resources aimed at educating you to improve your mood.

‘The natural management of depression involves understanding depression and the factors that contribute to the symptoms. Learning to manage stress in your life and engage in self-care behaviours can improve your symptoms and your mood.’

Depression CBT implements depression severity tests, audio, articles, a cognitive diary and a motivational points system that helps you learn how to manage your stress and improve your mood.

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Operation Reach Out

This app focuses on preventing suicide among military personnel and veterans, although it can be used by anyone. Developed by a team of suicide prevention experts, it encourages people to reach out for help when they are having suicidal thoughts by providing a personal contact help centre to talk about their problems. The help centre is pre-loaded with phone numbers for suicide prevention hotlines and attempts to remind people that help is out there.

The app comes with a number of videos that explain important issues to do with depression; including ‘your problems can be treated’, ‘there are other solutions’, ‘suicidal crisis are almost always temporary’, and ‘your problems are rarely as great as they appear’.

Operation Reach Out also helps people trying to prevent suicide in another person, by giving them hints about dealing with a depressed person, such as ‘don’t be afraid to ask tough questions’. Effectively, Operation Reach Out is a helpful hints app that highlights obvious points in dealing with depression; but these hints are very much needed as a reminder in times of crisis.

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