‘Moov Now’ hardware review

'Anyone can step. You can Moov'

The Moov Now is a fitness wearable you put on when you’re working out. Using 3D motion sensing technology, it tracks and analyses activity via an in-built trainer to ensure you are working out correctly. Essentially, it acts as a coach to assist you during workouts whilst tracking your daily activity and sleeping patterns.

Wearing the Moov Now everyday will result in key data that you can use to create more stimulating exercise routines. The tracking feature shows a breakdown of your most active minutes, and you will see an estimate of how many calories you’ve burned through exercising. If you wear the Moov Now at night, it will track how long you slept and what kind of sleep you achieved during the night.

Moov Now’s most useful feature is its coaching. If, like many people with busy lives, you prefer quick workouts at home, Move Now is the perfect solution. With many different workout routines to choose from, and with an encouraging voice to let you know the progress you’re making, it’s no wonder that this wearable is rivalling alternative fitness trackers such as Fitbit and the Apple watch.

This particular fitness wearable is an update from its previous version, and there have been some big changes; including better battery life, all-day activity tracking and even a companion app to go alongside it. For only £59.99, it’s a steal. It is one of the best fitness wearables in the market; it has a range of different features that act as motivation for users to keep fit.


Key features

  • Tracks different sports, including running, cycling, walking swimming, boxing sleeping and more general daily activity.
  • Real time coaching.
  • 12 guided workouts.
  • Water and dust-proof
  • Six month battery life
  • Uses Omni motion 3D sensor to track movement


The review

This piece of hardware is one of the best fitness wearables on the marketplace, without a doubt. It is absolutely worth its market price of £59.99, and in some cases even out performs the bigger wearable technology brands such as Fitbit and Apple.

Using the first Moov as its baseplate, the developers have created something that will appeal to most people looking to get fit fast. The lighter and smaller design makes the Moov Now more comfortable to wear, and the battery life means the device should be lasting for at least six months.

The biggest pro of the Moov Now is definitely its software and coaching features. The companion app does well to feed the data back to the user and the coaching features of the app make people more enthusiastic for fitness training. If you take your fitness training seriously, and like shorter workout stints, the Moov Now is definitely the fitness wearable you’ll need.

Find out more on the Moov website.