MyTherapy App Review

“On top of your medication, on top of your health”

‘MyTherapy uniquely combines medication reminders and health tracking. The app reliably reminds you to take your medication, to get active and to track your vital signs.’


Successful therapy can be difficult to achieve, especially with hectic, stressful and time-consuming lives. MyTherapy is the perfect app to counter this problem; it reminds you to take your medication, to get active and to track your symptoms and vital signs. The app’s health journal can also summarise your medication intake and other health related information.

The award-winning MyTherapy app is both a powerful pill reminder and a comprehensive health journal; the app lets you manage your medication and track your measurements and symptoms all in one place. The app translates your therapy into a simple to-do list; by ticking off reminders you achieve your daily goal.


‘You will worry less about managing your therapy. Instead you will find it reassuring that your therapy is completely under control.’



Medication reminders for all patients; the app has access to almost every disease and medication which allows for seamless reminders on a daily basis.

MyTherapy gives a summary of blood pressure, blood sugar and more.

The app successfully tracks symptoms and overall well being.

Monthly health report on overall well being.

Friends and family can motivate you to take your medication and track your health.


The review

Whether it’s medications, activities, or updating your health history, MyTherapy keeps you on top when it comes to complex medication schedules. MyTherapy translates your treatment plans into a simple to-do list; setting reminders and letting you know when you are due to check your symptoms or take medication. The award winning app will give you peace of mind for fully complying with your doctor’s recommendations and for following a treatment plan that can really live up to its potential.

MyTherapy’s ability to track how consistent you are at sticking to your treatment requirements puts it head and shoulders above its competition. The app visualises how well you follow your doctor’s recommendations and gives you an overview on how well you stick to your own goals, as well as creating a comprehensive health journal. The built in report system also makes it easy to share your progress with your doctor, who can then review your treatment based on your stats.

This free to download app (on both the App store and Google Play) is one of the best apps on the marketplace for tracking symptoms and overall wellbeing, and setting medication reminders.

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