NHS: Sustainability and Transformation

Coventry and Warwickshire Local Digital Roadmap

Health and Social care across the whole of the surrounding area (Coventry and Warwickshire) face enormous challenges in matching the increasing demands for care against the need for transforming how it is organised and delivered. As part of starting the redesign of health and social care, healthcare providers from the area have been working on a strategic approach to how services should evolve and improve over the next five years.

At the very heart of this new system, there will be a focus on ‘Proactive and Preventative Care’ that will be delivered across integrated communities, to ensure that local needs are being met by local healthcare providers.

The existing position of the healthcare system in this area has multiple problems that need to be addressed. There are, for example, too many separate and unconnected IT systems within organisations; some of these systems are obsolete and non-compliant with current operating standards, as well as being unsupportable going forward. Data is also currently being held in multiple places, and in multiple formats (hardcopy and digital), and is not updated collectively, leading to inconsistencies in data quality. Furthermore, there seems to be little or no integration between Primary, Secondary and Social Care, they are acting more like individual entities.


The Triple Aim of Healthcare

  • Improving the patient experience of care, including quality and patient satisfaction
  • Improving the health of populations
  • Reducing the cost of health care


The vision for integrating health and social care

  • Invest in a modernised IT infrastructure
  • Transform and create an innovation health and care system
  • Engage and persuade patients to make decisions on their care
  • Improved population health management
  • Rapid adoption of new ways of delivering services, technologies and personalised medicine


The long-term Strategic Vision (key features)

  • Digital/electronic innovations in treatment and care
  • Better, safer care and improved user experience
  • Innovative digitally enabled transformations in care for users
  • Reduced demand through increased independence
  • To enable the move over time towards an integrated accountable care system and to implement outcomes-based care service models for patients.


‘The whole Local Digital Roadmap programme is about enabling and addressing human factors and changing behaviours leading to whole system cultural transformation for the benefit of patients and service users’.