Omron hardware review

'All for Healthcare'

It may look like the average, run-of-the-mill fitness tracker; but it is so much more. The ‘Project Zero’ health wearable is a clinically accurate blood pressure monitor that provides real time blood pressure readings; its purpose is to help patients with a chronic illness record and manage their health in an improved and smarter way.

The wearable also collects data such as quality of sleep, number of steps taken and calories burned to give patients a better picture of their health; as well as measuring heartbeat and hypertension.


What can it do?

Primarily, the app is a ‘vehicle’ for storing and reviewing patient’s blood pressure data history. Patients can review stored measurements on the monitor, and can adjust the device settings so that it automatically takes multiple measurements with each test, displaying the average of the measurements at the end.

Other features include ‘body movement detection’, which improves the accuracy and consistency of the readings up to an extremely high standard, and ‘multiple user feature’ which allows users to track two different readings and compare data. This particular piece of wearable technology will also indicate to the user if there has been a reading of an irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia), which can be used to flag up possible health issues.


The review

In a wearable sense, the Omron wearable device is extremely comfortable to use; it employs an ‘Intelli Wrap Cuff Technology’ for supreme comfort and for an accurate and consistent reading. The device also looks fantastic and is has a plethora of features which can be used by patients needing to keep constant tabs on their health.

The Omron device ‘allows users to receive detailed data that reminds them to take medication and record the time they take it to improve and track compliance’. In this way, this device is perfect for patients as they can easily track their blood pressure and heartbeat on the go in an accurate and easy-to-read manner.

The cost of this device (from £100) may put some potential users off purchasing the Omron blood pressure monitor, but it is worth every penny; especially for patients who need to track their heart beat, blood pressure and other health patterns for medical reasons. Make no mistake, this piece of wearable tech is at the very top of its range.

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