Pact app review

'Commit to you'

Pact is a health app that motivates you to complete training activities and to eat in a healthier way. You make a ‘pact’ when you start using the app, and if you fail to complete your targets, you pay other users a pre-set amount of cash. If you complete your targets however, you earn cash. It’s an effective model, and it works brilliantly.

Commit – ‘Make a weekly Pact to exercise more or eat healthier. Set what you’ll pay other Pact members if you don’t reach the goals.’

Meet your goals – ‘Use the Pact app to track your progress.’

Reap the rewards – ‘Earn real cash for living healthily, paid by the members who don’t!’


There are three different types of Pacts – ‘gym pact’, ‘veggie pact’ and the ‘food logging pact’, to help you stay in shape, eat more vegetables and log your meals; you have the option to commit to one or all of these pacts.

Gym pact - Get the extra motivation to achieve your exercise goals with GymPact. Any gym workout, run, bike ride (over 30 minutes), or 10,000 steps in a day counts toward your Pact.

Veggie pact - Eat more fruits and vegetables! Make a pact for how many fruits/ vegetables you will eat each week. Take a picture and have it verified by the Pact community.

Food Log Pact - Log your food with the help of Pact’s partner ‘MyFitnessPal’; a proven way to hit your weight loss goals.


Pact community stats

• 11.8 million total workouts using the app.
• 4.6 million meals logged on the app.
• 6.2 million vegetables/fruits eaten according to meal logs.
• 92% success rate with users.


The review

Pact successfully implements a brilliant idea in an engaging and creative way. Pact’s proven incentives have helped its members hit over 95% of their goals, resulting in over 20 million healthy activities being completed.

The app has a range of uses, and each one has been proven to help members complete their goals; the community stats are proof that the app is a success and achieves what it sets out to do.

The motivation behind achieving set goals is earning cash and avoiding having to pay cash to other users. Members seem to love the innovative idea behind the app; the incentive to become fit and healthy definitely works; and, according to the Google Play store comments section, members love being able to get fit and earn cash at the same time.

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