S Health app review

'Take the leap to better health and a better you'

Samsung Health (or ‘S Health’), is an app developed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy range. It helps users stay fit by acting as a personal coach; training and assisting in achieving both short term and long term goals. The plethora of training programs aid in improving overall fitness, health and lifestyle by tracking various physical exercises and activities as well as motivating users to do better.

S Health also helps to create a balanced lifestyle pattern by recording important data such as food, water and caffeine intake; this app is perfect for building and maintaining fitness levels, a balanced diet and healthy sleeping patterns.


The main features

The pedometer and heart rate monitor are probably the two main features of S Health; and both are extremely accurate and reliable.  The pedometer on the S Health app is a simple yet effective step-counting feature, which also estimates the amount of calories burned and total distance covered. This feature is accurate and consistent and updates every day; so it is extremely easy to track and compare data recorded from two different days.

The heart rate monitor is one of the more innovative features included in the S Health app; it is hidden on the back on the Samsung phone, just next to the camera. To access the heart rate monitor and other features such as the stress level monitor, users must press their finger on the sensor, which will then begin to measure their heart rate; the app measures heart rate relatively quickly, and in a very accurate manner.

The app also has a diet tracker which has a large database of food; users must search for food they have eaten throughout the day and input it into their food monitor. S Health will then show the user how many carbs, fat, protein etc they have consumed throughout the day and suggest improvements for the future.


What else can it do?

The app gives personalised tips on how to improve diet, fitness and overall health by suggesting improvements.

S Health can also track sleeping patterns and quality of sleep (although this has to be input manually).

Reminders and notifications can be set on the user's device reminding them to continue to work hard or complete a goal.

Blood glucose, blood pressure and oxygen saturation in the blood can also be tracked and updated, with accurate readings and measurements given.


The review

S Health is a great app and can be very helpful at tracking your activity levels and progress over time. The variety of different features makes this app a must have; whether you’re someone who needs help recording what you eat, sticking to a fitness regime or tracking sleeping patterns. The market is saturated with similar ‘health tracking’ apps, but there are few as effective as S Health; the app is extremely simple to navigate around, and all of the features are relatively easy to use.

Find out more at https://shealth.samsung.com/.