Sence HRV technology

'The Evolution of Mindfulness and Productivity'

Planexta have launched a kickstarter campaign that has the potential to change mental health technology for the better. ‘Sence’ is the first emotion tracker for ECG technology that helps users to understand their emotional state by measuring more than 64 emotions whilst simultaneously monitoring events that might affect or trigger certain feelings and emotions. Using heart rate variability, which is as precise as an ECG, is 250 times more accurate than traditional fitness trackers that use optical sensors to measure blood flow.

Users will be able to track workouts, meetings and other emotional points during their day and their emotional reactions on these events. Sence will then synchronise with calendars, helping them to pinpoint stressors and identify patterns that could help them deal with their emotional state in the future. The heart rate variability tracker records heart rate continuously throughout the day, so that users don’t have to stop what they are doing to record their results, collect the readings and review the data.

Sence can also function as a fitness tracker by recording steps, daily physical activity and physical recovery; and it can transform raw data into easy to read analysis by connecting with the Sence companion app. The wearable can track over sixty emotions, including enjoyment, anger, exhaustion, sadness, calmness, nervousness, euphoria and aggression. With an ergonomic design, the device is comfortable to wear, waterproof and has a battery life of 48 hours; it has also been nominated for two CES awards in ‘wearable technology’ and ‘fitness, sports and biotech’.

Eugene Nayshtetik, co-founder of Planexta, said: “Sence uses patent-pending R-Peak Tracking technology to measure heart activity. Sence gives wearers a dashboard of their physical and emotional health at a level of detail unmatched by existing wearables.”

Could this be the beginning of a new era for emotion tracking and technology for mental health?

Read more about their kickstarter campaign here.