Spire Wearable Technology

'Discover Calm'

Using research from Stanford University’s Calming Technology Lab, Spire is the only wearable device on the marketplace that measures your breathing to determine your state-of-mind. Spire uses insights from your breathing data to help you improve your focus, exercise more and become less stressed.

Spire has an instantly eye-catching design; it’s light, compact and soft on the skin. In terms of aesthetics and usability, it’s better than the uncomfortable, unreliable Fitbit One.

Much like any other fitness devices, Spire performs activity tracking in the form of a step counter. However, unlike most devices, it has the ability to provide real-time feedback on your breathing and state-of-mind.

Spire logs every breath, sending all the data to its companion app through Bluetooth. By measuring your breathing patterns throughout the day, Spire can notify you when you become stressed or tense, remind you when you have been inactive for a while or even help you focus. Specific goals can also be set through the companion app, from a total number of steps to a total number of minutes spent in a calm state.


Key features

  • See your real-time ‘breath wave’ to discover how your breathing fluctuates as your mental state shifts from tense to calm.
  • Receive notifications when you’re tense or haven’t taken a deep breath in a while.
  • Tracks your activity and steps.
  • Sync your location, calendar, and photos to discover what events and locations make you feel calm, focused or tense.


Using the Spire on your belt or bra to track breathing habits, it can be easy to forget that you are even wearing the device due to its comfortable nature. Spire’s breath tracking system is also very accurate, and it intelligently uses this data to determine your state of mind, improve your focus and help you become less stressed. With a seven-day battery life and over 50 million minutes of calm already discovered, it’s clear the device is extremely popular with consumers.

Although there are some smaller, not-so-important issues with this device, it is the first of its kind. The gap in the market for ‘state-of-mind technology’ has been filled by Spire, but you can be sure that other health technology developers will look to this market for success.


“Spire improved my breathing and calm in one week as much as four years of meditation” – Amazon reviewer.

“Spire offers a solution to a very real problem of forgetting to breathe properly” – TNW (The Next Web).

“It’s like a mini-therapist clipped on your belt. I can easily notice the calmness in my breathing” – The Gloss.

Find out more on the Spire website