The State of HealthTech


The general state of technology has been dramatically improving over the past few years and the health sector has been one of its biggest beneficiaries. Virtually every aspect has been digitised in one way or another with more effective, function-specific and cost-efficient devices replacing older techniques and equipment.

There is a device for almost everything – from activity trackers and temperature sensors to blood pressure monitors and implantable scanners. What is even more interesting is how leading tech companies such as Fitbit, Apple and Microsoft are integrating as many functionalities to their devices as possible. Users can now track their sleep cycles, heart rate and weight loss all from a tiny band strapped to their wrist.

The market is brimming with inventions but the sustained course of ingenuity suggests that there is a lot more to come; even the IoT, which has the potential to be a game changer on the healthcare scene, is yet to be fully incorporated.

'Appcessories' have very kindly created an inclusive infographic that breaks down the state of health tech into a set of six visuals...