Therapy and self-management tool

SlowMo is the first digital therapy platform that helps people to visualise their thoughts and thinking habits and provides a revolutionary shift in the accessibility of therapy and self-management tools.

SlowMo works by targeting the problematic fast thinking habits that attribute to paranoia by encouraging people to ‘slow down for a moment’, providing tips to manage upsetting thoughts. An interactive interface supports the delivery of face-to-face therapy sessions, which are complemented by a mobile application for use in daily life.

The SlowMo platform is particularly unique in harnessing technology to support users to visualise and illustrate their thoughts and associated thinking habits. Thoughts are represented as bubbles, with different speeds, sizes and colours; they also reflect a range of distress and thinking habits, which makes it easy for users to understand their thoughts as something concrete. SlowMo allows people to slow down and pop their bubbles by providing tips to help them cope.

SlowMo has been developed in collaboration with the Psychosis Research Partnership and the Royal College of Art, and was originally funded by the Maudsley Charity and Wellcome Trust.