Double Diamond Design

Our Design process follows the Double Diamond model, where all ideas are narrowed down to the best solution. In our design process, this happens twice: to define your problem and to create the solution.

The design process is split into four phases; Discover, Define, Develop & Deliver.


Discover | Insights, problems & possibilities

In the initial stage, we hold meetings with you to gather insights and understand your ideas. Gathering insights allows our design team to complete their own market research to understand how best to tackle your brief.

Our Design team will need to gain an understanding of user experiences, needs and behaviours to identify a starting point for the product. We collect this data through User Diaries: these templates are given to potential users and returned to our design team, so we can have a better understanding of the project requirements.


Define | Identification & brief creation

The Define phase acts as a filter where we make sense of what was discovered in the Discover phase, review and select ideas to take forward and discard irrelevant ideas.

The findings from the Discover phase are analysed and refined as problems and ideas, which will result in the creation of the project brief.


Develop | Testing & iteration

During the Develop phase, design-led solutions are developed and tested. The brief is addressed, and ideas will be generated and verified. Concepts will be created within the design team and relevant ideas will be presented to you.

We may work with user focus groups to get more feedback on our designs. After everyone is happy with the concepts, we’ll move forward to the delivery stage.


Deliver | Features defined & developed

In the final stage, everything that we need to start the physical development of the product will be created. This includes;

- Wireframes: Designing a product at a structural level, laying out content and functionality.

- Style guides: A document containing the visual rules for the product e.g. images, font sizes.

- Prototypes: A prototype represents enough of the appearance and functionality of the product that it can be used for additional research.

- Acceptance criteria: This document will be used to test the developed features against.


Kick Off | Commencing development

Meetings between the design team and the development team, called 'Kick Off meetings', will result in a ‘backlog’ being created, where all features are defined and listed in order of priority in terms of development.

Our development team work in two week sprints; at the end of each sprint the product will be presented to you. Once the backlog is created, we will know which features will be taken into the first development sprint.


Read more about our development process here.

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