Agile Development

We create Digital Health products that change the face of health and care for the better. Our products are developed to ensure they resolve problems and improve lives.

So, how do we do it?

Agile software development

Agile refers to a software development strategy based on iterative development (we call them sprints), where solutions evolve through collaboration between our team and you.

Agile development promotes a disciplined project management process that encourages adaptation and evolution, effective teamwork and collaboration, and an approach that puts the development of your digital health product alongside your needs and goals.


We use the Agile process because it rates;

- Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

- Working software over comprehensive documentation

- Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

- Responding to change over following a plan

By using this process, we increase speed-to-market dramatically, improving risk-management through smaller released that help to identify issues early on.

During your project, change is expected; the timescale is fixed, and it is the requirements that emerge and evolve, which improves the quality of your Digital Health product.


The framework

- We create a list of tasks for your project.

- During the planning stages, our team decides on tasks to complete in order of priority.

- The team has a ‘sprint’ to complete the chosen work and meets every day to assess its progress.

- At the end of the sprint, the work is completed, and a meeting is held between stakeholders to discuss the completed work.

- The sprint is completed with a sprint review meeting.

We use the Agile methodology for every project. Maintaining quality is a key principle of our work, and Agile allows us to test regularly throughout each sprint, ensuring each feature of your Digital Health product works effectively. Using Agile allows us to introduce new features to be developed incrementally in Sprints, which enables us to identify problems earlier and to release much earlier in the development cycle.


Agile allows us to create a more accurate view of the cost of future development tasks, and with the high transparency of your product, as well as the flexibility to adapt and evolve, we have successful business engagement and a high customer satisfaction rate.

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