Patient Data tool for COPD

COPD assistant

Patient data tool for COPD

The guidelines for diagnosing the medication given to patients with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) currently requires healthcare professionals to navigate through a lengthy and complex pathway.

Unfortunately, this leaves room for human error and it is not unusual for patients to be prescribed the wrong type of inhaler. This costs the NHS both time and money in correcting and is a problem for patients themselves.

We were approached by Heartlands Hospital to create COPD Assistant, a research-led mobile app, used to support GPs when navigating the COPD prescription pathways. 

COPD Assistant records patient data that can be used by healthcare professionals in one on one sessions and guides through the process of prescribing the correct medication.

The app heavily reduces the chance of human error by presenting the process as a set of multiple choice questions, each choice leading down the appropriate pathway and eliminating the need to memorise every possible route. This speeds up diagnosis, saves on return visits for the patient and ensures the patients are receiving the correct medication.

COPD Assistant is currently the focus of a clinical trial run by Heartlands Hospital (UHB), which has recently been completed.