Therapy & Self-Management of Paranoia


Slow down for a moment.

Psychologists at Kings College London deliver SlowMo therapy in face to face sessions.

SlowMo works by supporting people to notice their upsetting worries and fast thinking habits, and then provides tips to help them slow down for a moment to notice new information and safer thoughts. However, when panic sets in people tend to forget the techniques they have been taught and become distressed.

We were approached to develop a digital suite which would allow a coping mechanism to be available to sufferers of paranoia when they were actually suffering.

Evolyst developed a web app with interactive stories and games, which is used to support the face to face sessions and help people find out how fast thinking habits can contribute to upsetting thoughts and a mobile app which allows the practices learnt in therapy to be taken out into every day life and support users when they need it the most.  The NIHR & the Medical Research Council are currently funding a clinical trial of SlowMo across London, Sussex & Oxford and if outcomes are positive it will be freely available on the NHS.

SlowMo has received universal praise and has been featured on Sky News &  The One Show and won “The One to Watch” Axa Health Tech Award in 2016.

Down to it’s early success the project has been broadened to include the use of wearable tech and a commercially available version is also in development.

Evolysts user-centred approach has been very complimentary and easy to integrate with the demands and needs of a clinical academic organisation such as ourselves. The flexibility of their approach has been extremely helpful in allowing us to iterate in response to user feedback and work within the constraints of our research grant funding.

Dr Amy Hardy

Research Clinical Psychologist, Kings College London